Jazz is a versatile dance style derived from African movement that evolved to the stage, television, big screen and music videos!  The classes include a warm-up, isolation exercises, across-the-floor work and technique that culminates into choreography that is set to contemporary music. The class focuses on integrating various styles of Jazz, including but not limited to: Fosse, contemporary, commercial and jazz-funk, along with developing technical skills and tricks distinctive to the discipline’s stylistic expression.


This form of dance teaches the student the basic fundamentals of tap sounds and steps leading to advanced rhythms and syncopation. Students develop coordination of mind and body for a more perceptive sense of rhythm, timing and phrasing. Highly athletic and exciting, we train our students in the styles of Broadway, Hoofin’ and Rhythmic Tap.


For 5-7 year olds:

Tap                                Tues(only)              6:30-7:30pm

Jazz/Tap I/II                  Tues/Thurs             6:30-7:30pm

Jazz/Tap I/II                  Sat                           10:30-11:30am

For 8-11 year olds:

Tap                                 Tues (only)           6:30-7:30pm

Jazz/Tap I/II                   Tues/Thurs           6:30-7:30pm

Jazz Leaps & Turns      Sat                         10:30-11:45am

For 12-18 year olds:

Contemporary L/T         Mon/Wed              3:30-5:00pm



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