If you visit our school, what type of space is needed?

A clean open space such as a gymnasium, auditorium stage, or classroom with an open floor plan is ideal for our classes.  We will arrive early to assist with set-up.  

If we come to you, what are your facilities like?

We have 3 spacious dance studios that can accommodate  3 classes simultaneously.   


What should the children wear?

Class attire depends on the class being taken. In general loose fitting clothes and bare foot or dance shoes are recommended.  For dance classes proper attire is based on the technique.  


How long are class sessions?  

Depending on the age group the average class lasts between 30 minutes to 1 hour.  


How many weeks per session?  

There are a range of programs available. 4 weeks, 9 weeks, 12 weeks,  and entire school year, or 1 time master classes are available. Custom Programs are available upon requests  


What are the rates?  

Rates are determined based on the class size, location,  and length of session.   Please request a free consultation or quote! 



Princess Mhoon Dance Institute is proud to offer its outreach program, Dancing Feet, an integrated arts curriculum beginning at the pre-school level.



DANCING FEET is committed to teaching all children, regardless of socioeconomic background, the art of movement as it relates to life. Dance is a natural vehicle that humans use to understand themselves and the world in which they live. We strive to create arts awareness and appreciation that will last a lifetime. 


DANCING FEET is an integrated arts program for boys and girls beginning at the pre-school level through high school. Our curriculum encompasses dance and movement training as a complement to school based curriculums, world events, life skills, and comprehensive arts awareness. We strongly believe in the integration of various art forms, literature, world culture, language, and healthy living as a tool to develop a well rounded student. We are eager to partner with educators on innovative ways to supplement school curriculums and partner in after-school programs. 


Mini Movers  (Pre-K thru 4th grade)

Creative Movement classes combine basic dance skills, creative movement, a broad spectrum of quality music (classical, jazz, world beats, ragtime, etc.), fine arts exploration, theatre games, positive thinking, focus techniques, and tumbling as it relates to dance. Appropriate vocabulary from other languages around the world are introduced as we meet composers and their native countries. Each class ends with a look at visual art that is linked with the creative theme as well as examples of healthy foods.  


Dance Track  (1st grade thru high school)

Dancing Feet offers classes in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Hip-Hop, Yoga, Zumba, and African Dance. In these classes students will learn a specified movement technique. It is our goal to highlight the various historical, cultural, and social genres to increase their knowledge and appreciation of dance and its relationship to other significant components of the human experience. Students will develop personal and interpersonal skills in order to work respectfully, cooperatively and safely with others. The value of group work and cooperation is inherent and reinforced therefore nurturing a sense of community.  


Let’s Make Music  (1st grade thru high school) At Dancing Feet we are music lovers – and whenever possible we introduce our students to the beauty and wonder of live instrumentation. Some of our dance classes even include live musicians. The Percussion class teaches boys and girls how to play and make music using instruments that can be played with their hands.  Students can also learn to make their own drum! 




Please call us at (301-448-1663) or email info@princessmhoondance.com for a consultation.

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