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  • Where are you located?
    We are located on the campus of Perry Street Prep located at 1800 Perry St. NE, Washington, DC 20018. Our main studio entrance is accessed via the rear loading area by way of a driveway off of 18th St. NE (take a right at the end of Perry St. NE). Take the stairs up to the first set of double-doors.
  • How can I contact PMDI for more information?
    You can email us anytime at or leave a voicemail by calling (833) 653-6660 and one of our PMDI Team administrators will respond as quickly as possible.
  • Where can I follow you online?
    You can follow PMDI online on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram, all linked below. YouTube Facebook Instagram
  • What makes PMDI the best choice for me and my family?
    We understand families need to consider many things when choosing a dance studio for their child like location, cost, schedules, and more. We are proud to offer a multiple child discount, allow parents to apply for scholarship grants or to volunteer to cover class costs, and to be a company led by a mother of three who has great empathy for working parents and families of all kinds. But beyond those hard variables and PMDI's accommodations, PMDI stands strong as a premier dance company based in Washington, DC that caters to families with children of all ages, backgrounds, and financial statuses with strong values and a vision established by our founder, Princess Mhoon, that guide us and our students to achieve excellence and make an impact through the power of dance. We are a safe space for your child to learn, move, and flourish as they grow up as a valuable part of the PMDI family.
  • What's the difference between Open Classes & Professional Track?
    Open classes include all our dance disciplines at beginner & intermediate levels and are open for any child who meets the age requirement to enroll. You can find more information on what classes are open to all here. Professional Track includes our Ensemble (ages 8-11) & Studio Company (ages 12-18) groups. These groups are selected by audition or invitation only. These programs include advanced instruction with the intention of preparing the dancers to pursue collegiate & professional careers in performing arts. Classes & rehearsals occur up to 4 days a week with an average of 12-13 hours of instruction per week. Dancers must commit to a year-long program (August-June) and the intensive rehearsal schedule to join. Ensemble & Studio Company dancers act as ambassadors for PMDI, performing and contributing to the community on behalf of the Institute.
  • How does one become a Studio Company or Ensemble (Professional Track) dancer?
    If you are intersted in becoming a member of our Ensemble (ages 8-11) or Studio Co. (ages 12-18), please contact PMDI at to arrange an evaluation. We do allow for 1-2 additional dancers to join Ensemble & Studio Co. individual classes if they are at an advanced level, but cannot commit to the full program.
  • Do you offer sample classes?
    Yes, we encourage new families to have their dancer try one class of their choice to evaluate if the dance style, level of training, and overall expereince is right for their child. To arrange a trial class, please email so an administrator can guide you through the schedule and registration process. The fee for a trial class is $25; which will go toward the enrollment deposit if you decide to dance with PMDI
  • What is the Dress Code?
    DRESS CODE o Must have clean, presentable leotard and tights. o Must have shoes necessary for each class style. o Hair must be pulled back and secured in a bun out of dancer’s face and off the neck. BALLET All ballet students wear tights and ballet slippers that are closest to their skin tone or the color in which they feel most comfortable along with the appropriate leotard color as specified below: 2-4 years - Pink Leotard 5-7 years - Baby Blue Leotard 8-11 years (Level I/II) - Purple Leotard 8-11 years (Level II/III) - Red Leotard 12-18 years - Black Leotard JAZZ/TAP All jazz and tap students wear black leotards, black convertible tights and black jazz and/or tap shoes. MODERN/CONTEMPORARY All modern/contemporary students wear class color leotard, black convertible tights and bare feet. HIP HOP All hip hop students wear a white t-shirt or tank top, black athletic pants and black dance sneakers. ​ SPRING & SUMMER TRAINING All dancers registered for the Spring Break Dance Camp or the Summer Dance Institute are required to wear black leotard, black tights and pink ballet slippers. Boys are permitted to wear black or white tank or t-shirt, black tights, or fitted black sweats. Students Not In Dress Code o 1st offense – Notification will be sent home to inform the family of the offense o 2nd offense – The family will be called or emailed a reminder of the program policy. o 3rd offense – The student will be asked to observe class until they have the proper attire.
  • What is the policy on absences and tardiness?
    ATTENDANCE & PUNCTUALITY Weekly attendance is essential. Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late will not be able to enter class. Doors will be locked. Tardiness is a disruption to the learning environment for both the students in class and the late dancer. Chronic absences and tardiness are subject to performance privileges being revoked. If your going to be late or absent, please contact the studio as soon as possible at or 833-653-6660. ​ MISSED & MAKE-UP CLASSES PMDI does not offer make-up classes for absences. We have an entire MAKE-UP WEEK scheduled during the dance year. During this week all dancers may attend a dance class on the schedule that they are qualified to join. While not ideal, if a dancer needs to withdraw from classes for a short period of time, a $25 administrative hold fee will be charged. If a dancer has to sit out the session due to medical issues or injuries, PMDI will work directly with dance family on a case by case basis REFUNDS There will be no refunds issued for dance sessions once classes begin. This includes all classes, workshops, concerts and camps. Upon discussion with studio staff, a credit may be issued to your account if you experience any unforeseen changes.
  • What is the Code of Conduct for students?
    DANCE STUDIO ETIQUETTE -Arrive 15 minutes before class to dress and warm-up the body before class. -No talking once class has started. -No cellphone use in class. Excessive or inappropriate cell phone use are grounds for confiscation. -No food, colored beverages or street shoes in the studio. -Students more than 10 minutes late will not be permitted to participate in the dance class without instructor's approval. -There is zero tolerance for bullying. This behavior will result in suspension and/or permanent removal from the dance studio.
  • Where can I find the current class schedule?
    You can find our current schedule on our Dance Programs page here. It is subject to change based on final enrollment rosters.
  • When is the next Concert?
    The next dance concert will held June 16, 2023.
  • Can I switch between in-person & virtual attendance?
    Since we are offering hybrid classes this year, with both a virtual & in-person option and there is no difference in tuition, we will allow in-person enrollees to attend virtually if PMDI is given 24-hour notice. Virtual students cannot attend in-studio once enrolled, due to in-person group limitations.
  • What is your Photo & Video policy?
    PHOTO & VIDEO RELEASE PMDI reserves the right to use all photos and videos taken on the premises or during off-site performances for marketing purposes. Objections to photo or video release must be submitted in writing to the studio. Parents cannot take video or photos without permission from the Instructor.
  • What is the tuition payment schedule?
    First and last month's tuition is due registration, to be paid in full before the start of the first class. Monthly tuition is due at the end of the previous month (October tuition is due September 30th). When creating your profile in the Student Online Portal, you can enroll in Auto-pay with a credit card saved on file.
  • What is the typical tuition cost?
    For our Open Classes, tuition is typically $200/month for 4-7 hours of instruction over the course of one month. To enroll in a class, you must commit to the full 3-month season for a total tutition payment of $600 (3 monthly payments of $200). For our Ensemble & Studio Company members, they commit to one full year of at least 12 hours of instruction per week and pay a monthly tuition of $418. Monthly tuition covers the cost of of instruction, studio operations, and one costume per season.
  • Do you offer financial aid?
    Partial and Full Scholarships are available. Scholarships will be given based on merit, personal statement of need, and financial status. Parents must volunteer a minimum of twenty hours per session for PMDI events, concerts, etc. Parents must complete a scholarship application and provide proof of need via tax documents. Students must have excellent attendance, motivation, and display exceptional studio etiquette. Students may be required to complete twenty hours of work study/volunteering at PMDI. Parents can offer their volunteer services as part of the scholarship application. If the scholarship student is excessively tardy, absent, or unprepared for class according to studio policy and rules, the scholarship will be terminated. You can apply for a scholarship here.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    We periodically offer promo codes during enrollment periods made available through various platforms online and in print. When available, they are promoted via our social channels. We offer a 10% multi-child discount that applies to all classes the family enrolls in. We also offer one free sample class to prospective new dancers- contact PMDI for more information.
  • When do you charge fees?
    We charge fees two months before the Season's Concert. For the Spring 2023 season, the concert fees will be due March 30, 2023. Tuition includes one costume. Additional costumes, DVDs, and concerts fees are not included. Families will be given advanced notice if a fee applies to their child's class.
  • How do I apply for a Scholarship Grant?
    Families can apply for a partial or full scholarship grant here.
  • How do I donate to the Scholarship Fund?
    The Princess Mhoon Dance Institute is an acclaimed training institute located in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. Having served thousands of families through our in studio and off-site programs, we believe that dance is a catalyst for personal, professional, and artistic development. Through the leadership and training of Director & Choreographer Princess Mhoon, many students have realized professional careers on Broadway, the Concert Stage, and in Hollywood while others have developed self-esteem and skills that translate their training from the studio, to the stage, to the real world. We invite you to partner with PMDI to make this training possible to students in need. Our charitable giving is possible only through the generosity of the caring people, organizations, and companies who provide donations and sponsorships. Proceeds from your tax deductible donation or sponsorship will be used to support our mission of providing students with much needed scholarships that cover tuition and fees. Your organization’s tax-deductible sponsorship can help make the upcoming dance season a memorable one for those in need. You can donate here.
  • How do I become a Corporate Sponsor?
    Please contact us at so we can get your information, plan for your one-time or reoccurring donation, and feature your company in our print materials and online. Your donations are crucial in our efforts to improve our studio with more safety materials, studio components like signage, floor mats, and mirrors, and investment in our upcoming new location. We appreciate our corporate community's support!
  • What type of outreach does PMDI engage in?
    Princess Mhoon Dance Institute is proud to offer its outreach program, Dancing Feet, an integrated arts curriculum beginning at the pre-school level. Mission DANCING FEET is committed to teaching all children, regardless of socioeconomic background, the art of movement as it relates to life. Dance is a natural vehicle that humans use to understand themselves and the world in which they live. We strive to create arts awareness and appreciation that will last a lifetime. ​ About DANCING FEET is an integrated arts program for boys and girls beginning at the pre-school level through high school. Our curriculum encompasses dance and movement training as a complement to school based curriculums, world events, life skills, and comprehensive arts awareness. We strongly believe in the integration of various art forms, literature, world culture, language, and healthy living as a tool to develop a well rounded student. We are eager to partner with educators on innovative ways to supplement school curriculums and partner in after-school programs. ​ Programs Mini Movers (Pre-K thru 4th grade) Creative Movement classes combine basic dance skills, creative movement, a broad spectrum of quality music (classical, jazz, world beats, ragtime, etc.), fine arts exploration, theatre games, positive thinking, focus techniques, and tumbling as it relates to dance. Appropriate vocabulary from other languages around the world are introduced as we meet composers and their native countries. Each class ends with a look at visual art that is linked with the creative theme as well as examples of healthy foods. Dance Track (1st grade thru high school) Dancing Feet offers classes in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Hip-Hop, Yoga, Zumba, and African Dance. In these classes students will learn a specified movement technique. It is our goal to highlight the various historical, cultural, and social genres to increase their knowledge and appreciation of dance and its relationship to other significant components of the human experience. Students will develop personal and interpersonal skills in order to work respectfully, cooperatively and safely with others. The value of group work and cooperation is inherent and reinforced therefore nurturing a sense of community. Let’s Make Music (1st grade thru high school) At Dancing Feet we are music lovers – and whenever possible we introduce our students to the beauty and wonder of live instrumentation. Some of our dance classes even include live musicians. The Percussion class teaches boys and girls how to play and make music using instruments that can be played with their hands. Students can also learn to make their own drum! Please call us at (301-448-1663) or email for a consultation.
  • How can I get PMDI to come to our school?
    If we visit your school, what type of space is needed? A clean open space such as a gymnasium, auditorium stage, or classroom with an open floor plan is ideal for our classes. We will arrive early to assist with set-up. If you come to us, what are your facilities like? We have 3 spacious dance studios that can accommodate 3 classes simultaneously. What should the children wear? Class attire depends on the class being taken. In general loose fitting clothes and bare foot or dance shoes are recommended. For dance classes proper attire is based on the technique. How long are class sessions? Depending on the age group the average class lasts between 30 minutes to 1 hour. How many weeks per session? There are a range of programs available. 4 weeks, 9 weeks, 12 weeks, and entire school year, or 1 time master classes are available. Custom Programs are available upon requests What are the rates? Rates are determined based on the class size, location, and length of session. Please request a free consultation or quote! Email
  • How can I support this local, black-female, owned business?"
    There are several ways you can show your support for this DC institution in business for a decade! Make a donation here Email us to see how you can volunteer Email us to be contacted for grant & award nominations Leave a positive review online via Yelp, Google, or your social channels (tag @princessmhoondanceinstitute or #pmdi) and we can use your words in our home page testimonials. We apprecaite your support for our business and our young dancers!
  • How can I become involved as an instructor?
    Please email us your resume to and check for job openings. If you are a dance professional with a child interested in taking dance classes with PMDI, you can contact us to volunteer your dance teaching services to help cover the cost of your child's tuition.
  • Where can I find the latest PMDI Newsletter?
    Please find our latest newsletter here for updates on the studio and our PMDI family from our founder, faculty & staff here.
  • Where can I follow you on social media?
    You can follow PMDI online on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram, all linked below. YouTube Facebook Instagram
  • How can I recieve email updates?
    Email us or fill out our Contact Form here.
  • What is the status of the new studio location?
    Stay tuned for developments on the opening of our new location at the The Parks at Walter Reed, slated to be completed in 2021.
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